"Standing Faithful to the Testimony of Jesus Christ"

Serving Churches of Louisiana and the south

Bible Centered

Dr. Kenneth L. McDowell
Academic Dean


Union Baptist College and Theological Seminary is an answer to prayer. Our engaging calling is to challenge the minds of those in the Metropolitan New Orleans area in spiritual development. We provide balanced curriculum for training to accomplish spiritual stability and inclusiveness in the will of God.

Our goal is to serve this present age by equipping and sending forth capable, empowered individuals into ministry making a positive impact on our society through the church. We are focused, and purposeful in reaching the masses with a relative message through education while celebrating our cultural heritage. Come and join with us in transforming our society based upon the Word of God.

Take a moment to review our catalog. We service those interested in continuing education (CEU), certificate program of study and degrees from Associate in Christian Education to the Master of Theology which is the highest that can be obtained at UBCTS