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Bible Centered


CEU0-3                                                   $200.00
CEU3-6                                                   $300.00
6-12 Regular degree amount + fees
Certificate                                              $300.00
Associate Degree                                  $300.00
Bachelor of Theology                           $350.00
Bachelor of Christian Education         $350.00
Master of Divinity                                  $425.00
Master of Christian Education             $400.00
Master of Theology                               $425.00

Application Fee (non refundable)       $20.00
Registration Fee                                     $35.00
Late Registration Fee                            $25.00

Parking Fee                                             $10.00
Application For Re-admission             $10.00
ID Picture                                                $10.00
Course Change (per course)                $10.00
Drop or Add  (per course)                    $10.00

"Standing Faithful to the Testimony of Jesus Christ"


I am humbled by this blessed opportunity to serve as Registrar at this great institution of learning where we are reaching out into the community and beyond; training those who are in Pastoral Ministry and Christian Education leadership in undergraduate and graduate degree programs of study.

Union Baptist College and Theological Seminary accepts applications for admission from students of accredited secondary schools. Students holding or pursuing the graduate equivalency diploma or general education development certificate (GED), and students transferring from accredited colleges and universities without regard to race; religion; color; sex; age; handicap; national origin; marital status or veteran’s status.

All Materials for admission must be received at least thirty (30) days before the first day of registration. 

 Mrs. Helen Johnson 

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