"Standing Faithful to the Testimony of Jesus Christ"

Bible Centered


BI 111  Life Of Christ                                                                Varnado                             Room 1               6:00 PM
“A Short Life Of Christ”                                            ww1824                              Everett F. Harrison
CP 204  Church Administration                                               Varnado                             Room 4              7:00 PM
“Church Administration Handbook”   3rd edition ww444902                          Bruce Powers
BI 306 Book of Ezekiel                                                               Essex                                   Room 4             6:00 PM
“Ezekiel: New American Commentary”                 ww1172                              Lamar Cooper
BT 102  Intro To Theology                                                        Morse                                 Balcony              6:00 PM
“Introducing Christian Doctrine”  3rd edition       ww049194       Millard Erickson
 BT 406  Ministerial Ethics                                                         Morse                                 Room 1              7:00 PM
“Ministerial Ethics”  2nd edition                               ww027551           Joe Trull / James Carter

​CP 202 Personal Evangelism                                                    Thompson                          Balcony             7:00 PM
“Introduction to Evangelism”                                  ww11437       Alvin Reid
BI 108   Biblical Backgrounds                                                  Thompson                          Balcony              8:00 PM
Holman Illustrated Bible Handbook”                      ww495874
BT 306  History of The Baptist                                                 Williams                             Room 4                8:00 PM
“Baptist Ways: A History”                                        ww012311           Bill J. Leonard
BI 213  1st and 2nd Peter and Jude                                        Williams                             Room 4                9:00 PM
“1 and 2 Peter and Jude: New American Commentary”   ww01379

NOTE:  Included is a stock number (ww-----etc.) if ordering from Christian Book Distributors - 1-800-247-4784
                All Thesis writers and Master level students should secure a copy of Kate Turabian “Manual For Writers of Research papers, Theses, and Dissertations”   7th edition


BT 416  Studies in Theodicy                                       Academic Dean                               Room 1                8:00 AM
“Suffering And The Search For Meaning: Contemporary Responses to The Problem Of Pain”
ww840373           Richard Rice 
   NOTE: (Student must bring a Bible of his /her choice to class and have access to the    commentary of Job: NAC) 
CP 101 Intro to Christian Ministry                          Smith                                                 Room 4                8:00 AM     
“Preparing For Christian Ministry: An Evangelical Approach”    ww190342   Gushee
CP 202Personal Evangelism                                     Smith                                                 Room 4               9:00 AM
​“Introduction To Evangelism”                                  ww11437             Alvin Reid
BT 203 Systematic Theology                                  Washington                                      Room 1               9:00 AM
“Systematic Theology: And Introduction to Biblical Doctrine”   ww28670      Wayne Grudem         
CP 204 Church Administration                                Washington                                                                   10:00 AM 
“Church Administration Handbook”    3rd ed.        ww444902          Bruce Powers   
BI 203 Book of Acts                                                     Clark                                                 Balcony                10:00 AM
“The Message Of Acts: The Bible Speaks”             ww81236             John Stott                                         
BI 306 Book of Ezekie                                               Clark                                                
“Ezekiel: New American Commentary”                 ww1172            Lamar E. Cooper     Room 4                12:00 AM            
 BL 302 Greek II                                                               Parker                                           Room 4                10:00 AM
“Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar”                                                   William Mounce
​ GS 407 History of the Afro American Church      McKinnies                                           Room 1               12:00 PM
“The Black Church In The African American Experience”   ww310733  E. Eric Lincoln
GS 305 Church History II                                          McKinnies                                           Room 1                1:00 PM
“Church History In Plain Language”     4th ed.   ww092023             Bruce L. Shelley              
CM 104 History of Missions                                      Ray                                                     Room 3                12:00 PM
“Missiology”                                                                 ww10759             John Mark Terry
BI 108 History of the Bible                                         Ray                                                                                   1:00 PM
​“General Introduction to The Bible”                       wwo453712        David Ewert 

NOTE:  Included is a stock number (ww-----etc.) if ordering from Christian Book Distributors - 1-800-247-4784 
               All Thesis writers and Master level students should secure a copy of Kate Turabian “Manual For Writers of   Research papers, Theses, and Dissertations”   7th edition.

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